Membership Agreements

Network Agreement

Aim: The scientific development in Asia is progressing rapidly in the
recent decades, witnessing more and more breakthroughs and major
awards on the scientific forefront being performed and achieved in the
Asia-Pacific region.  A number of major experiments on future
high-energy physics are also being considered seriously for the

This agreement is made in order to strengthen research partnerships
through staff exchanges and networking activities among participating
and associated research organisations.

It is agreed that:

I. International Staff Exchange

1. Postdocs and faculty researchers will be encouraged to spend
extended visits from one to four weeks at the other institutes.

2. Each proposed visit is subject to the approval of the host
institute.  The researcher must submit a written request at least two
months prior to the visit, explaining the proposed research to be
undertaken during the visit and the benefits of the proposed visit.

3.  Unless otherwise negotiated between the two institutes, the
international travel expense is the responsibility of the individual
or his/her home institute.  The host institute pays for the local
costs (accommodation and living expenses) of the visiting scientist in
accordance with the support guidelines of the host institute.

4. Under normal circumstances, a maximum of one visit will be
supported for each researcher per academic year.  A maximum of 12
person-weeks of exchange will be supported by each institute per
academic year.

5. Each institute will designate a liaison officer to administer and
coordinate research visits to the institute.

II. Network Meetings

1. In order to promote and encourage collaborations, participating
institutes will work together to organize joint meetings, schools and

2. A Scientific Committee will be formed, with one representative from
each institute, to make recommendations on the topics and scope of the
activities to be jointly organized.  Specific organizational
arrangements will be the responsibility of the involved institutes.

III. Exchange of Information and Publications

1. A web-based interface will be maintained as a means for the
participating institutes to inform one another about their research
activities and developments in the field of physical sciences, and
meetings, seminars and conferences to be organized.  It will also be
used to disseminate scientific results and to encourage collaborations
among researchers.

2. Efforts will be made to coordinate on the recruitments of
postdoctoral researchers and to organize activities to maximally
enhance their research experience.

IV. Validity of Agreement

The contents and terms of the Agreement may be revisited and modified
upon request by any of the signing institutes.

The Agreement will take effect from the date of signing for a period
of four years.  It will be automatically extended for an additional
period of four years on each expiration date.  A six-month advanced
notice in writing is required for any participating party to terminate
its agreement.