Formosa Summer School on High Energy Physics 2018


You are cordially invited to the Formosa Summer School on High Energy Physics 2018,
July 16-27, 2018,  Hualien.

Registration is now open.

Course lectures and titles:

Mari Carmen Bañuls
Application of Tensor Network Methods in Quantum Field Theory

Martin Beneke
Flavor Physics and Effective Field Theory

Tony Gherghetta
Composite Higgs and Partial Compositeness with UV Completion

Rohini M. Godbole
Introduction to Collider Physics

Veronika Hubeny

Donghui Jeong
Cosmological Probes of Dark Energy

Liam McAllister
Inflation and String Theory

Mukund Rangamani
Entanglement and Holography

Financial support is available to domestic and foreign students. Please
refer to the school webpage for application. Faculties and postdocs are also

NCTS Annual Theory Meeting 2016: Particles, Cosmology and String.

NCTS Annual Theory Meeting is organized by the National Center for Theoretical Science. The main purpose of this series of annual meetings is to bring together leading physicists to report on their latest research results and to speak on prospects for the future as well as to interact with the physicists especially young researchers in Taiwan. There is one meeting on high energy physics (particles, cosmology and string) and one on condensed matter physics held annually in December.

NCTS Annual Theory Meeting: Particles, Cosmology and String

There will be keynote reviews on important areas of the field as well as more specialized talks covering some of the recent exciting developments. Although the meeting is theory orientated, there will also be talks on major international experiments.

Invited Speakers includes:

AMS: Yuan-Hann Chang (NCU)
CMS: Stathes Paganis (NTU)
ATLAS: Song-Ming Wang (AS)
LIGO: Stefan Ballmer (Syracuse)
KAGRA: Shinji Miyoki (ICRR, U. Tokyo)
Jan de Boer (U. Amsterdam)
Tohru Eguchi (Rikkyo)
Kaoru Hagiwara (Karlsruhe, KEK)
Tao Han (U Pittsburgh)
Yukata Hosotani (Osaka U.)
Jihn E. Kim (CAPP IBS)
Yoshihisa Kitazawa (KEK)
Matthias Neubert (Mainz/Cornell) TBC
Sandu Popescu (Bristol)
Misao Sasaki (YITP)
Ricardo Schiappa (U Lisbon)
Henry Tye (IAS HKUST)
José W. F. Valle (IFIC/CSIC, U Valencia)
Raymond Volkas (Melbourne)
Piljin Yi (KIAS)

Scientific organizing committee:
Kingman Cheung, Cheng-Wei Chiang, Chong-Sun Chu (Chair), Chao-Qiang Geng, Xiao-Gang He, Kazuo Hosomichi, Kin-Wang Ng, Tzu-Chiang Yuan

KEK Theory Workshop

We are pleased to announce KEK Theory Workshop, an annual workshop on
string theory and quantum field theory, to be held on the following

Date: December 6 (Tue) – 9 (Fri), 2016
Place: KEK Theory Center, Tsukuba, Japan
Web :

Deadline:October 21 (Fri), 2016

The list of invited speakers includes currently

Gerald V. Dunne (U. of Connecticut, to be confirmed)
Hidenori Fukaya (Osaka U.)
Dorota M. Grabowska (U. of Washington)
Koji Hashimoto (Osaka U.)
Yu-tin Huang (National Taiwan U.)
Hikaru Kawai (Kyoto U.)
Seok Kim (Seoul National U.)
Tsunehide Kuroki (Kagawa College)
Takahiro Nishinaka (YITP, Kyoto U.)
Toshifumi Noumi (Hong Kong U. of Science and Technology)
Kazutoshi Ohta (Meiji Gakuin U.)
Harold C. Steinacker (U. of Vienna)
Hiroshi Suzuki (Kyushu U.)

In addition to long talks given by the invited speakers, we plan to
have short talks as well as posters, which registered participants
can apply for.

Now the registration is open on the workshop website. Please be aware
of the deadline of registration, especially for attendances who would
like to contribute short talks and/or to request for local supports.
The banquet will cost JPY 4,000 for salaried workers and JPY 2,000 for
the others.

The participants who are planning to stay at KEK dormitory are kindly
asked to register early, since we can reserve not so many rooms this

Our budget is quite limited, and we would be able to support only
the local expenses for those who do not have their own grants.
We appreciate your understanding that speakers or poster presenters
are given priority for the support.

We hope the workshop will provide a valuable opportunity to have
active discussions on various fundamental problems in theoretical
physics related to superstrings, supersymmetric gauge theories, black
hole physics, quantum field theories, condensed matter physics and so on.

This year, we put special emphasis on new attempts to realize
chiral fermions on the lattice.

We are looking forward to your participation.

S. Iso, Y. Kitazawa, M. Natsuume, J. Nishimura, M. Hatsuda, K. Hamada,
S. Mizoguchi, Y. Ito, S. Shiba, H. Shimada, H. Muraki, M. Matsuda,
T. Sakaguchi, T. Aoki, R. Kojima, H. Ohta, N. Kan, S. Yokoo.